AIDNACTION LIMITED, the Ghana, not-for-profit organization, was formed out of necessity to help the people of Ghana.  Incorporated on April 13, 2007, the corporation has served as a local foothold by which to assist many people in the country find a better life.  The founding incorporators were Phillis Dickey, Robert Hutchinson, Rich Rowland, and I, Gary Heath. Since a non-Ghanaian is not allowed to open a bank account, forming Aidnaction Limited was a necessity.

We added Aaron “Ato” Mends and his brother Noah Mends to the Board of Directors (Board of Trustees).  Ghana law requires that there are Ghanaians on the Board. Aaron Mends was at the time in college in Accra.  He received this Bachelors degree in Accounting in 2008. He has been essential during the incorporation phase, our banking relationships, and reporting our activities to the Ghana government.  Noah has provided great leadership in logistics, and accomplishing the many tasks we asked him to do. Noah can multi-task very well. Both are well respected by those around them and originate many more opportunities for the Corporation to provide service to the people of Ghana than we have funds or resources.

We received our “Certificate to Commence Business” approval to begin operations on April 16, 2007, from the Assistant Registrar of Companies.  We appointed Eddie Nikoi Accounting Consultancy as our Auditors to provide operational information to the Ghana Internal Revenue Service.

The name of the Ghana not-for-profit corporation is: “AIDNACTION LIMITED”.  We refer to it as “AIDNACTION GHANA” to avoid confusion. We use the Agricultural Development Bank, Mankessim Branch, Mankessim, Central Region, Ghana, West Africa.  By having a bank account in Ghana we have a secure and economical way of moving money from the USA to Ghana to help those we are assisting.

AIDNACTION LIMITED is the only not-for-profit corporation in the Central Region of Ghana, West Africa.

Thank you again for visiting this site.  We pray God’s blessings on you each day. With your generosity much can be accomplished.  Thank you.