Past Projects

Sewing Center

The number of students at the sewing center varies; but ranges from 18 to 24.  The sewing program is a 24 month program and students are added or graduated at various times.  When they graduate, we give them their very own sewing machine. They (and their families) are very happy at graduation.  The bulk of the machines that they are learning on are manual (non electric). The power is sporadic at best and many people do not have electricity.  Once the student masters the sewing class and graduates, they are able to sew clothes for their family and to sell to others to produce a livelihood. This program is being copied by several other groups in Ghana; but is known all over Ghana by Christians.  The school has girls from many areas of the country.

Clean Water Project

A few years ago  Gary and Elaine Heath donated money to have a water well drilled. It currently has a hand pump on it. The well is next to the sewing center. When we raise an additional $1700 we can get a submersible pump installed and a storage tank installed like the one that is in the other picture at The Village of Hope, a children’s home near the coast. Once we have water with gravity feed we can take care of the girls shower situation.